Friday, May 21, 2010

Turns in the Road

This adventure certainly is an elephant of a different color. It is not taking me where I thought I'd be going and it definitely is a far cry from anything this blog has been about. But is it? No matter where the road turns isn't it about trust? Isn't it about faith? Throw in a little character building.. At this rate we are certainly going to be characters!
I do find myself in a strange place. When is the last time I felt lonely? Can't remember. When is the last time that I felt so dependent? I am realizing that I have been dependent all along, but never had to really look at it.
Separation from your life-partner is doable when you know that it is for a specific period of time. You miss them, but deal. When I was in Asia, I certainly missed Ray, however, I was busy experiencing and doing all sorts of new things. This separation is different. It feels like a part of me is missing and it is! And with no end in sight. Ah Papa, hold me close.
Enough about me. My honey is stirring. He is more aware in some ways and some of what he is aware of is bothering him. The nurse told me that he spent a good bit of today trying to remove his neckbrace. His nurse commented that he is definitely getting stronger. Good, but oh-oh!
He is also thirsty, poor guy and cannot drink anything, as he would choke. When he wants a drink he is given a lemon swap. Definitely not what he is looking for!
Something I meant to mention yesterday was that he is not voiding on his own, so every three to four hours he has to be catherized. No fun!
Well, woven through these comments I am sure you can find things to pray for us. Please do!
This morning as I read Colossians 3:5-13 I started to journal my thoughts and can summarize them this way: Let Go and Let God. Whatever wants to trip us up; let it go and then let God replace the junk with all the new blessings He wants to fill your life with. Actually, He wants to fill our lives with Himself. What a joy and privilege!!

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