Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Lessons

This may be my last blog for a week. I'm not certain. Tomorrow I head to Cambodia, but first I take a six hour bus at 6:30 AM to Bangkok, then taxi to the airport where I am to catch a 3:10 PM flight to Phnom Penh, arriving at 4:20 PM. Another flight was cancelled by China Eastern and I had to find a new one. Scratch them off the list!
After emailing Jeff and Heather Williams in Cambodia to notify them of the change I became a bit anxious when they did not respond. The LORD brought Rebecca Stinson, another missionary to Cambodia, who happens to still be stateside, to mind a few hours ago and I emailed her. She responded pretty quickly and gave me some contact numbers. Praise God!!
I know He is in control, but the flesh was feeling a little weak!
Speaking of weakness, we visited an orphanage today where all the children are HIV positive. It is a warm. loving place, bright and colorful with a good number of staff. The goal is to have a home setting and I think they succeed. There was a young man there as a volunteer on his weekend break from the military and you could see that he loved the children and they loved him.
The director shared some of the children's stories. Some of them have been at death's door and miraculously recovered. God has His Hand on this place and these people. It is His strength and Power that are at work in their weakness. I fought tears over and over as I watched and listened.
These past two weeks have been so full of everything you can imagine; blessings and lessons in abundance. I wonder what the LORD has in store in Cambodia? I am told that my heart will break. Pray that I stay teachable and that I leave my heart open to all He has to show me.

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