Sunday, January 11, 2009

Change of Plans

Last night and this morning I was feeling especially sad about leaving the school. I haven't had much time with the students and it felt like something was missing from this visit. Well, I think my wonderful Friend and Savior agreed!

We had been told that we didn't need to confirm the flight to China, but wanted to anyway. China Eastern Airlines was closed yesterday, so the plan was that Janice would confirm and then text me, as my bus to Bangkok was at 9:30 AM. While waiting for boarding to begin Janice decided to try calling to confirm while we were still together. Just as we were going to hand my luggage over she found out that all flights have been cancelled for the next two days. They have rebooked me on a flight for January 16th, but would try to get me on the flight for the 15th. Hello?! I fly out of China on the 17th!! Now they aren't answering their phones.
How grateful I am that the LORD prompted Janice to call just then. Otherwise I would have been on a six hour bus ride to Bangkok with no where to go!!
This morning Beth, Janice's coworker/roommate prayed that people would be kind and helpful to me in my traveling today. Well, He answered, of course, in His grace! The rule for refunds for bus tickets is that you can change the ticket for another time only once and it has to be at least two hours before your scheduled ride. A KIND man worked it out by changing the time to a bit later and then had a teller sell it to the next person who came to purchase one for that time! I got a refund, which is very unusual! Actually, in Thailand there are no such things as refunds. I take it as an indication that the LORD doesn't think I am done here or that He isn't done with what He has for me here!

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