Sunday, March 31, 2013


Papa spoke a special Word to my heart this morning and just to make sure I really took it deeply into my heart He had my Pastor draw attention to it again.
He is so good!

This Word is not for me alone, but for all that will listen.

The Twentieth chapter of the Gospel of John was the focus of my reading this morning both at home and in church.  This stands to reason considering that it opens with the empty tomb.  What is more appropriate to read on Resurrection Sunday?

The Scripture tells of encounters with the risen Christ.
Mary Magdalene was the first to see Him.

At first she did not  realize who was speaking to her.  Mary was grieving her loss and her eyes were filled with the tears of grief.
It was when He spoke her name that she recognized her LORD.

When Jesus speaks the name of one of His beloved it is spoken with more love and tenderness than anyone else could ever muster.

Imagine if Mary was so caught up in her pain that she did not listen.
You know we all do that at times.
We can be so engrossed in rehearsing our troubles, our losses and our disappointments that we are not really listening; we are not paying attention.
At other times we are busy planning our next steps and again not listening.

What Papa spoke to my heart is that He comes to each one individually, but we must listen for His Voice so we don't miss hearing it expressing love for especially us.
He came just for us.
Each one of us.
He continues to come to each one.
Let's be listening with our hearts!

"...Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!"                  Isaiah 43:1

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