Saturday, October 20, 2012


When you read the title of this posting, what did it bring to mind?

In the era of communication that we live in it wouldn't be surprising to learn that your thoughts went to one of  the electronic devices that is always close to hand.
Text messages, instant messages, emails, social and career networks, as a way of staying connected, hold a very big place in many of our lives.
Personally I am very appreciative of the convenience that these afford.
I am not much of a "phone person", yet I do like to stay in touch with numerous dear ones.
A quick text or email can keep the connection alive.

Yet, there is nothing like face-to-face connecting!

Last week I climbed into my lovely "Pearly" and off we went on our travels, which allowed me numerous in-person connections.

For years I would head off to visit our son and his family in West Virginia and complete the eight hour trip in one day.  However, I am no longer up to so much driving all at once, which means it now takes two days to travel.
Fortunately, I have a number of friends who live about half way, so I use the break to catch up with one or another of them.

My west bound trip's overnight stay was with a dear friend of over thirty-eight years.  Anita is in her eighties now and beginning to experience a few health issues, so I am always glad to be able to check in on her.

We have had a running discussion regarding the identity of God.
My friend has embraced many schools of thought while trying to incorporate Jesus into the lot.
She has stubbornly insisted that it was working.
Until recently.

My precious friend is in a battle, which I believe to be spiritual.
She is experiencing much anxiety and struggles with depression.
As I sat with her and prayed for her, she sensed Papa's Presence.  A light came into her eyes and she visibly relaxed.
Sadly she cannot sustain this by herself, as much of that which she has embraced over the years rises up to bring confusing thoughts, which sends her slipping back into the darkness.
I wish I could take her home with me, so I could encourage her by reminding her of the Truth all through the day, every day!
The truth is she needs her own connection with the Living God.

Our Gracious God so desires an intimate connection with each one of us!

It is such a privilege to enjoy such a connection and when you do, you are eager to enter ever deeper into such a bond.

I reluctantly bid my friend goodbye.  My heart was conflicted: not wanting to say goodbye to her and yet eager to head off to see my beloved family/

What a wonderful time of year to be driving through the landscape!  The autumn foliage was brilliant!  How generous our Creator is in sharing such beauty with us!

As I drove, surrounded by such beauty, I alternated my time between talking with Papa, praising Him with  music; more praise as I listened to some very stirring sermons and a then a change of pace by listening to a very entertaining audio book.
All of which meant that I arrived at our son's home in high spirits!

His home is situated on a hill with a few others, all of which overlook numerous wooded areas, streams and ponds.  Everywhere you look you encounter Papa's handiwork.
His greatest handiwork is that which He made in His own image.

Though it was a joy to spend a few days with said son and his family, the highlight was Ariana, my nearly two-year old great granddaughter!  She is the most cheerful, sweet, beautiful toddler I have known.
Yes, I know that I might be a bit prejudiced, but it is still true!

Heading home with a overnight with one more friend I made a little detour on another friend's behalf.  Our beloved James needed something picked up in New Jersey and I did not have to go too far afield to do this for him.  Anything for James!

The man holding the items runs a farm stand next to his home, so our business was transacted in the midst of mums of numerous colors, pumpkins and gourds of all sizes and shapes; all overshadowed by gloriously autumn-colored trees.  In such a setting it was not difficult to indulge the man's perchance for story telling!

Finally Pearly and I were on the road heading home looking forward to the face-to-face connections that the word "home" represents.

As I traversed the roads, along with many others, I reflected on how much richer all my connections are because of Jesus.

Many will remember WWJD? from the nineties.
It stands for What Would Jesus Do?
Some made it much more complicated than it really is.

What would Jesus do in each and every connection with any person?  He would (and did) demonstrate grace and speak truth.
That is my goal.

And by His grace, relying upon His Spirit it is an obtainable goal!

A friend and I were in conversation last night.  We were discussing the difference abiding in Jesus makes in all aspects of our lives.
When we stay close to Him, we will not strive within ourselves, nor in our relationships.

He promised that Living Water would flow through us.
We just need to stay closely connected to the Source!

It makes the whole difference!

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