Friday, October 14, 2011

A Touch of Perspective Goes a Long Way!

"There is no place like home."
Yes, Dorothy, I completely agree.
A little while ago I updated my status on Face Book with the following.
"Okay, I've had enough vacation. Can I go home now?"
I am ready for re-entry.
Or am I?

I will be if  all that Papa has been showing me stays fresh.

It is all a matter of perspective.

My husband and I have been away from home for nearly two weeks.
I know that I needed this time away, but in ways other than what I had thought.
Papa had His own ideas of what I needed.

I wanted to get away to be free of all the daily responsibilities that are mine alone.   I longed to shut down for a while, a change of scenery and activity.

Papa desired me.
Just a little tweaking of my perspective on things.

A couple of weeks before our vacation had begun I was contemplating the painting of Tim's recently vacated bedroom.  Painting is not my favorite thing to do and my back isn't a big fan either, so I was happy to offer the job to a close friend in need of a little income.

I did not think it would take too long, thus it would not be too costly.  What I didn't know is that I had hired someone who was very meticulous and not very fast.
The day I looked in on him and was informed that he would need to do a second coat in the closet, so it would be well covered, is when I knew I was in trouble.
He was persuaded to forgo that second coat, but it still took him twenty-four hours of painting to get the job done.  Matt later told me that it was an eight hour job. (!)
You see, my son had worked as a painter for a year and knew how to do such calculations...

With that behind me, off we went on our travels.  All the while I was wrestling with having spent more than I anticipated to get the room painted.
I hate wasting money.

Then my computer died, never to be revived.  :(
I was on a downhill slide.
Dollar signs danced before my eyes.
I had been very careful in planning our trip and to what end?  To have money to thrown at the painting of a room and now a much needed laptop??

Then Papa reminded me that He is the One in control and that He has a good purpose behind all that He allows to happen.
Did I even give it one thought that He knew how much my friend and his little family needed to make ends meet?
Did I consider for a moment that there are others watching that needed a clearer perspective of just how my God works?

I know a number of people who are followers of my Savior, yet that have thinking that runs contrary to what I know to be true about Him and His ways.

They believe, like many have over the years, that when loss comes your way, it is God punishing you for something.  You have lost the favor of God.

The truth is that whatever comes our way is simply an opportunity to trust Him.  Wait with expectation and see Him work!

There were other subjects that needed a little tweaking of my perspective.

We have been with Ray's mom since Monday.  Actually, we have been with many people's moms, with a few dads thrown in too!
Spending time surrounded by the elderly is an exercise in patience, at times.

Two of our friends joined the three of us on a boat trip around the bay today.  There were many incidents of Mom being confused due to her loss of hearing and also the major loss of her short-term memory.
Each time you have to choose whether you are going to just go with it or get frustrated.
Our friend, David, leaned over to me at one point and commented how one of the blessings will be that when the day comes that Mom is no longer with us, there will be no regret on our part.
That is a perspective to keep in mind!

Today Mom directed as I drove, at times in circles, and then blurted out that she didn't know where we were!  With determination I sought to hang on to that perspective....

The top reason for this visit was for Ray's mom to see how well he is doing.  Since his accident, Mom has expressed concern regarding his condition.  On a daily basis.  I knew seeing him, up close and personal, would do wonders in relieving her fears.  And it has!
What this visit has also done is confirm our concerns regarding her memory loss.  Today a lovely ninety-five year old friend of hers expressed concern over this.  The contrast between her and Mom is telling, this lady is sharp as a tack!

This underscored my opinion that the elderly should not be corralled off by themselves.  They need one-on-one care that no place can give!  This is something the family can give, but not when many miles separate them!

Yesterday her facility gave me information regarding an outside agency that offers the kind of help Mom needs.  I wish I could be here long enough to get it all set up.  I will have to handle this from a distance, but at least the ball is rolling.

As our parents age, it is said that our roles end up reversing.  So true.
That takes a change in perspective too.

Papa has been helping me adjust my thinking along another vein also.

A friend was commenting how his wife discourages him from watching certain television shows.  They are not edifying in her opinion. 
They happen to be the few programs that I enjoy!
This got me to thinking.  Have I been making poor choices in my entertainment? 

I was still chewing on this issue when we all happen to be together again.  Another seemingly different topic arose.
I mentioned that I was concerned that a loved one spent a whole lot of time shopping both on-line and in stores.  Jesus' Words about not worrying about what we wear in Matthew's Sixth chapter reinforces my concern.

In a later conversation we revisited the topic and my friend told me that she knew that was my opinion, but that she too loved to shop for clothing.
The first thought that came to me was to wonder if she had considered whether it was edifying or not.(!)

Papa told me to leave it all alone.
Our walks are individual ones and we need to focus on our own walk with Him.
The conversation between Peter and Jesus in the last chapter of the gospel of John came to mind.  Jesus had just told Peter by what kind of death he would glorify God.  Peter spotted John at that moment and asked Jesus,
"What about him?"
Jesus' response was to tell Peter not to mind John, but to follow Him.

My God is faithful to guide me and each one of His children.  When anyone of us is off the path He has for us, He will let us know.
He has been doing that for me.
I also know that He is very wise and patient.  We are works in progress.
We need to give one another grace, just like He does.
Now that is definitely a good perspective to have!

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