Thursday, October 13, 2011


We had a change of plans today and headed to the movies in lieu of a boat ride.  The weather forecast helped make our decision by predicting thunderstorms.
Movies and then dinner with dear friends from Connecticut, who just happen to be in town this week.  What a treat!

This change meant that I would not get to sit down at a computer until now.
It will be wonderful if my brain functions long enough to get out all that I hope to log here!

After having slept for a couple of hours last night I awoke to discover that it was only one in the morning.  For the next two and a half hours Papa and I had a running conversation about many things.  Part of our talk reviewed the offerings that I was to share in the next few log entries.

You can see by the title that marriage is today's topic.

I had remembered reading a few recommendations for the movie "Courageous," but did not recall what it was about, but did know I wanted to see it.  The four of us did just that today.

This movie lends itself to my topic.
It is a very moving account of five men who sought to become the husbands and fathers that their God had called them to be after facing how short they fell in their own strength.
I highly recommend it, but with the warning to be ready for a few hearty laughs and the need for a good number of tissues!

Within a week of each other Ray and I have recently attended two weddings.
I have written about the first and after having attended the second I cannot help but draw comparisons.

When I hear the word "marriage" a few lines from the movie "The Princess Bride," readily come to mind.
To cut through some of the comic affect I will translate the words into plain English.
"Marriage.  That blessed arrangement...that dream within a dream..."
I would imagine that most, if not all, who stand before a minister or official and exchange vows believe or at least hope that their union is blessed and will be a dream.
The majority do not seek counsel before marriage and many never seek any afterward.  They just go by the seat of their pants, so to speak.

Before my dear Corinne and her beloved Evan married they sought counsel and actually went through formal pre-marital counseling.
Beginning as friends for a few years and moving onto best friends and eventually much more, they had learned to share their dreams and desires with one another and share a common vision for their future.
There is no doubt in my mind that Papa brought these two together.

During the ceremony, while a song was being sung, I had closed my eyes to quiet my heart.  Corinne is dear to me and I was feeling much more emotional than I had anticipated!
As I sat there, eyes closed, owning the words that were being directed heavenward in song, I experienced what I must call a vision.
I saw wisps of angels, flashes of ribbons of color and lights dancing around the precious couple and then spilling out and over the congregation.
Heaven was rejoicing over this union!

Two hearts who love each other and their God passionately. 
Papa was pleased!
He loves when His plan comes together!

Such a wonderful way to begin a life together.

The second marriage was based on much less.
This couple met just one year before, moved in together after a brief season of "dating" and have little idea of what their future may hold.
They spoke of how they appreciated one another's humor and their love for one another.
There was no mention of our Savior.

Even the details of each wedding differed greatly.
One was filled with peace and beauty with a clear focus on the desire to honor the Living God.
The other was chaotic.  The bride was beautiful and was obviously happy, as was the groom.
Of course, just as it should be. 
Yet, the spirit in which everything was carried out was haphazard and it stirred concern for what lay ahead for them.

Having said all this I do not want to give the impression of doom where this second couple is concerned, nor for all joy and peace for the first.
I do not know what lies ahead for either couple.  However, I do know that those who commit themselves to God's care and glory are positioned to be able to rise above the trials of this life with joy and strength.

If I could speak to these two couples I would give the same advice to both.

I would tell them that marriage is about more than the fresh love that they experience right now.  It is about companionship which encompasses all the seasons of their lives.  It is about commitment.
There would be the reminder that while two are better than one, three is infinitely stronger.

I do hold hope for both these marriages.
I happen to know that many are praying for them.
I also know that Papa has made many promises for those who have taught their children His ways.
Both brides and one groom have had that privilege. 

Many years ago Papa gave me a promise found in the Fifty-Fourth chapter of Isaiah, the thirteenth verse:
"And all your children will be taught of the LORD; and the well-being of your children will be great."
The word peace can be used instead of well-being.
Jesus is our Peace.
What a wonderful promise!

"Marriage. That blessed arrangement...that dream within a dream..."

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