Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ability to Walk

There has been no post since Sunday because....
I have been going through withdrawal!

Since arriving home, I have been computer-less!
My computer had gone from being very useful as a source of information and communication to being equal to nothing more than the role of a doorstop. 
Before our trip Ray's computer had gone on the fritz.  The night before we headed out he had informed me that it was "hosed."
Upon our arrival back home we found that nothing miraculous had occurred in our absence where it was concerned.
This is where I sigh....

Yesterday someone asked me how long the rain was suppose to continue.  I told them that I had been cut off from all communication with the outside world, so I had no idea!!

Ray has finally gotten his computer back on line, so I am seizing this opportunity to reconnect here.

I have become increasingly aware of just how easy it is to take so much for granted.

On Tuesday I needed to run a few errands.  I zipped in here and there.  Being a New Yorker at heart zipping comes very naturally to me.
However, after paying at the final store I could not zip out without being rude and a little thoughtless...

A woman about my age was leaving the establishment just ahead of me.
Very slowly....It was the best that she and her cane could do.
This lady's legs and feet were very twisted.  I actually marveled that she could walk at all.

Encountering this struggling person was just one more reminder to me of how fortunate I am and how easily I take my blessings for granted.

These past couple of weeks had found me in the company of many who have numerous physical limitations.  Most were elderly and many of the disabilities have come with the aging process.
As the losses occur I know that adjustments must be made.

This turns my focus to my Honey.

Vacationing meant that we were together just about every minute of every hour of every day, which gave me many opportunities to observe my man.
We visited with friends along the way and, of course, family. 
There was the wedding, as well as a few little excursions thrown in.  After each visit or activity Ray always seemed very eager to get back to our room.  Once there he immediately went prone and the television went on and very loudly.
At first it disturbed me, but then Papa helped me sit back and give it some consideration.

My husband can walk, but with effort, which is tiring.
I can simply zip along.  Standing still is more tiring to me than if I keep moving.

The man's arm is rarely very comfortable; then he will have momentary flashes of real pain.  Too much jostling does not make for a happier arm, so riding in a car grows wearisome. 
Then add in the challenge of meeting friends or family that are so happy to see him.  So happy that they pat his arm or shoulder or give him a big hug, always approaching him from his left.
I have considered pinning a sign on him - Keep to the right!
You see, touch is very uncomfortable for Ray's left side.  That includes both the left side of his chest, as well as his shoulder blade.
Me?  No hug has ever caused me pain, though Tim can give hugs that nearly take my breath away!

The man in question has loss of hearing and I have noted him grow tired of trying to follow an animated conversation.
His wife's only need regarding being able to hear is that she not be spoken to from another room!

Before Ray's accident he had some challenges with his eyesight.  His left eye was his strong eye.
Now his right eye is the stronger eye; plus his field of vision is narrowed.
As he has sat fiddling with his computer and trying to retrieve the data from mine, I see him closing his left eye in an attempt to gain a clearer focus.
The glasses I wear are not crucial and my field of vision is just fine.

The changes that have come our way this past eighteen months has contained many lessons.
More continue to be revealed.
All blessings even if in some strange disguises!

Now back to the computer saga.
The blessing here is that our computer dilemma has challenged my husband enough to keep him at it for a few hours at a time.  As he had worked on the problems, though at a slower pace than in the years gone by, he has slowly been able to recall what he knew about such things.
Many of the tasks that my honey use to tend to are no longer on his to-do list.  Being able to take care of something that none of the rest of us can is an encouragement for him.
That makes it worth the disconnect for me!

As I have thought about the gift of being able to walk, among other things, I realize that walking with my LORD is the greatest ability available to me.
It is also an ability available to every single person whether they have any other abilities or not.

"How blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His ways."

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