Thursday, June 23, 2011


Quite often when I sign on to this blog I check the stats.  I am curious to discover the locations of the readers.  A number of the visits originate from a variety of countries.  Some of the locations, I know, represent friends who stop by on occasion, but some of the visitors are unknown to me.
I love the thought that I do not know all of the readers. 

I do wonder what people think as they read the words that I submit. 
A couple of my friends give me a little input once in a while, but I think they are biased!
It would be lovely if readers would comment now and again. 

Our lives are busy and time is at a premium.  I know that it is very rare for me to comment on the blogs that I visit.  I am certain that other bloggers would love a comment or two themselves.
But I know that it won't be from me, at least, not unless Papa prompts me.  Then again I wouldn't want it to be otherwise!
So continue to refrain from commenting, but be sure that Papa is the reason!

What a joy to know that my God will faithfully lead me and will also give me the strength and courage to follow.
One of my life verses is First Thessalonians, chapter five, verse twenty-four:
"Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it."
That is from the King James Version; it is how I first heard it and memorized it.  When I first came across it, I could not make heads nor tails out of its meaning.  Then I heard a speaker share what it meant to her.  Over the years her explanation has proved true.

You will never be left on your own to accomplish whatever God has called you to do.  In truth He will be the One doing it through you.  Our part is to be available and just follow His leading.  It is important to realize that He desires us to trust Him and obey.  His timing is not ours, nor are His purposes.  We get into trouble when we try to work things out as we think it should be.

What has He called me to?  (Take note that I did not say to do.)  He has called me to be His child.
This child of His has the privilege of being a wife, mother, sister, and friend, to name a few.  If I try to do instead of be I get into trouble!
It is very freeing, when I remember that it is not all up to me.  It is important to remember that He has placed me where I am, in the relationships that I find myself in.
Because I am known and loved by this amazing God I do not need to fret over being anything but who I am.  His girl.  As His girl, He will work through me to unfold His plan in every area of my life.
It will be in His time and in His way, according to His plan.  It will not be according to what I or anyone else imagines it should be.
He knows best.
This means that His feedback is all I need!

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