Friday, June 17, 2011

Amazing Grace

The thought of my God's constant Presence stays with me. 
Along with it is the knowledge that He is fully everywhere. 
Papa is so immense!

I am in awe.

Checking the astronomy picture yesterday I found a "map" of all the visible galaxies.  Each dot which we might think a star in actuality represents an entire galaxy!  There are fifty-thousand of them!
All are in existence by the Hand of our God!

As we gaze up at the stars, so far away, our God is there.  He is also with us.  So He is there and here and everywhere!  I am comforted.

I could never wrap my mind around who this Creator God is, but I can wrap my heart around the fact that He is with me.

He is so far beyond us, yet He is so intimately concerned for each one of us.

He is so passionate about us that this Holy God made a way around the fact that we are not holy.  He made a way for us to be holy in His sight. That way is the Cross.   Isn't that amazing!!

This amazing God is eager to be in relationship with us.  He is willing to forgive all that is not holy in us.  We need but ask.
Today I was reading the Second book of Samuel; the twelfth chapter.  King David was confronted by Nathan the prophet over his sin of murder and adultery.
The moment that David owned up and repented, he received forgiveness.
Did that mean all the consequences were wiped away?  No.  The consequences reverberated for generations.  However, his relationship with his God was restored.

I meditated on this chapter and how we certainly can complicate our lives and that of our family. Papa brought a wonderful thought to me. 
"No matter the sin, repentance secures forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not forgo the consequences, but it does outlast all of them!"

I am amazed by the grace of this Holy, Omnipresent, Omniscient God!

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