Saturday, April 16, 2011

Papa's Heart

On occasion Mindy will say, "I'm going to get grumpy!"
That's how I felt this morning.

I like to ease into my day and do not like to feel rushed; especially where it pertains to my one-on-one time with Papa.  This morning I had to hustle and this meant hustling my honey at bit too.
ACTS4, an outreach to the poor and needy, was offering an event for the women of the area.  All the guests who attended were from area shelters or rehabs.  Six of my ladies took part.  "My ladies" are residents at the rehab where I hang out on Friday afternoons.

I am sure that Papa was smiling knowingly at me as I got ready to leave the house.  He is so gracious; He knew that making room on my "plate" for this event would be worth it.

Slowly women came through the door, one-by-one and some in groups.  Most had hesitant expressions on their faces.   What had they agreed to?  What did this day hold for them?
One of the ladies that I knew struggles with anxiety and seeing the big room and the number of people in it, she nearly panicked.  She and I stuck together and I saw her visibly relax as different volunteers interacted with her. 
The room was alive with the presence of our God.  His love enveloped each one of us.

The women moved from station to station.  Manicures, facials, Haircuts, massages and clothing were available just for them!  Everything was scheduled as they arrived, so it all flowed very nicely.  I do not believe anyone felt cut short or rushed.

A lovely luncheon was laid out and as the women ate their meal, the speaker,  a woman who radiated the joy of the LORD, came to the microphone.  She shared her story very simply and clearly.  The Living God had changed her life in spite of much pain and many challenges and she is a new person.
Many hearts were touched and tears flowed.

Others were given the opportunity to share blessings and sorrows with us.  One by one women stood and expressed how God was moving in their lives.  So many spoke of the blessing of being able to attend such an event.
At one point the women were invited to model their new hair styles and clothing.  Many did so with great joy!

As I looked around the room I saw radiant faces, faces that said that they had encountered hope, love and joy! 
Papa's Heart was reflected so beautifully. 
I sensed His smile, a smile of sheer joy that His children had been His willing vessels so that many, who so desperately needed to be in a place where they could more fully hear and experience His love for them did.
There was a smile just for me too; a smile that we could share this experience together and that He knew I wouldn't have wanted to miss it!
I realized that I had had the privilege of an up close look at the heart of my amazing God!

I think, no I know I am going to.........Rejoice!

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