Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's in the details

Here I sit in our hotel room with no desire to move.  Our eight hour trip of yesterday evolved into a twelve hour challenge.  Instead of griping about it I want to thank Papa for getting us here in one piece.
I hadn't slept well for two nights so I was not at my best for the drive.  Trying to get my honey out of the house in a timely fashion left me a bit on edge too.
Three hours into our trip we connected with our son, Jonathan, who then assisted with the driving.  A great relief until the last leg of our trip.  Let me just say that I have renamed him Mario!  We had all been in the car far too long, traffic was horrendous until the last hour and rain accompanied this whole ordeal.  Jon wanted to make the remaining time in the car as brief as possible.  I told him he was also trying to shorten our lives as well! 
Yes, I thank Papa for allowing us to arrive safely!!

I love how Papa is intimately involved in every detail of my life.  As Jesus told us, He evens knows the number of hairs on our head!
I have recently been reminded of His singular attention to all the aspects of my life.
This past week I was out doing errands and planning my route as I drove.  Deciding what the shortest and most efficient path would be I decided that I would be turning left at one particular traffic light.  With the decision came a vision of being in an accident.  I took it as a caution.  About ten minutes later I approached that light and the reminder came again.  This caused me to be especially cautious.  As I went through the intersection I saw how the accident could have happened.  Thank You, Papa!

It isn't simply the areas of safety and health that He involves Himself.
A few days ago one of our portable phones went missing.  When I hit the pager button I could hear it in the distance, but I could not figure out where the sound was coming from.  In time tthe battery died, which meant no more beeping to help lead me to it.
The remaining portable does not hold a charge very long, so we really needed to find the other one.  Throughout my day I would go on a hunt, but to no avail.
Thursday morning I asked Papa point blank to help me find the thing.  Later that morning I had to go up into our attic for a suitcase, so I could pack for our trip.  After lowering the suitcase down the attic stairs a thought came to me.  "The phone might just be in the attic, you know."  With that I turned to look and there it was, right in front of me!
Papa knows that I need extra promptings, as I am visually challenged.  When I had gone up into the attic the phone was right in front of me, but, of course, I didn't see it.  Thank You, Papa, for being concerned about all the details of my life!

He is also concerned for others and seeks to position His children to be a help to others.  Often we don't know what He is up to, but if we continue to let Him lead we will have the joy of discovering ourselves just where He wants us to be!
I will not go into the details, but want to say that I had seen a particular doctor for about twenty years, but had begun to see a different one a couple of years ago.   It just seem to be the way I was being led, at the time.  However, one morning a number of months ago I had the thought that I was to go see my former doctor, as I was in need of this particular type of doctor.  I felt really awkward, but the prompting was very strong, so I went.  It turned out to be easy to do, but I then have felt awkward regarding the last doctor.  You see they both are friends.
This past week it all fell into place.  The doctor i am going to now and his family are in a painful place and need people to come alongside them.  I am in the position to do just that now.  Isn't God amazing?!
Often it looks like He is leading us into a shadow, but be sure that it is always the shadow of the Cross, which amazingly is where we find the Light.  Light to illumine our darkness and Light to illumine the hearts we encounter on this journey!

Yes, it is all in the details and when we leave those details to Him those details turn into treasured reminders of His Loving Presence!

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