Thursday, April 21, 2011


To develop a closer relationship with someone takes time and attention.  It is no different in regard to our connection with our God.
There are a few essential components to connecting with Papa on an ever deepening level.

I have heard it compared to a three-legged stool.  Take one leg away and it takes much effort to keep from toppling.
What are these three essentials?
Prayer, scripture and fellowship.

Let me begin with fellowship.  This is the sharing with others who are within His Kingdom. 
Just last night the codependency group met at my home.  There were only four of us, as a number of others were unable to attend. 
We may have been a small group, but that didn't hinder us from encouraging one another in the LORD.  Simply sharing our struggles and receiving insight and support in return was a blessing.   The focus was on our God and His love for us.  The reminders washed over us like a gentle breeze on a hot day and captured our hearts anew.
We discovered in the fifty-fourth chapter of Isaiah that God's love surpasses His judgment; He would rather love than judge us.  Then in the sixty-second chapter we read that His love rejoices over us.  Turning to the Song of Solomon His love was described as fierce and beyond price.  It is an insult to Him when anyone tries to buy it.  This love is ours!

That is one little example of the benefit of fellowship.  Of course, at other times fellowship is simply sharing a cup of coffee or meal and enjoying one another's company without ever opening up the Bible.  Yet, His love and truth are always in evidence.  After all, His love marks true fellowship.

Prayer and scripture go hand-in-hand.
While reading "Today in the Word" I was reminded of what the approach to prayer, that I use, is called, lectio divina.
It entails four steps.
First read through the scripture.
Then read it again, but this time aloud.
The third step is to mediate upon it. 
Lastly, discuss with Papa whatever issues arose during the reading and meditating.
This involves more than talking, one needs to listen and then rest in Him.

Whatever the issue is, whether my own struggle or sin, or a concern for another, I picture bringing it before my God and then resting in the fact that it has been entrusted to the One who is completely willing and able to resolve it.

When praying for myself or someone else I love to weave my prayer around scripture.  I gain confidence as God's Word reminds me of who my God is and what He has promised to do.

As we invest our time in these three essentials, we will grow in our love and knowledge of our God.  Our God will eagerly reveal more of Himself and our relationship with the Living God will deepen.
What is more essential that this?

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