Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free to Celebrate!

It seems that Papa isn't finished speaking to me about the circle dance....

Earlier I was reading the scripture that accompanied my friend's devotional thoughts about that dance.  It is found in Second Corinthians, chapter thirteen, the fourteenth verse.
"May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." 
Just like my friend, I saw the three Persons of God rejoicing in and with one another AND beckoning me to join them!

A couple of years ago I read a book which, I believe, has helped me to see this aspect of my God.  The book is, "The Shack," by William Young.  Some have had difficulties with this book and its depiction of the LORD God.  For was a blessing.

The phrase "fellowship of the Holy Spirit" drew my attention.  When that happens I reach for my concordance so I can gain a deeper understanding of a word's orginal meaning, which was in Greek.
Doing so really enriches a person's grasp of what is being said.

The word I sought to learn more about is "fellowship."   Its Greek word is "koinonia," which gives the picture of participating and sharing in fellowship.  The word fellowship, according to my thesaurus, draws the picture of companionship, camaraderie and friendship.
I love it!

To take part in such a celebration is to experience a sense of total acceptance.   It is one thing to recognize that each person of the Godhead totally accepts one another, but an entirely different one to realize that such acceptance is extended to us!

For many years I suffered over the fact that I am not perfect.  Wrapped up in that suffering was the fear of rejection, the fear of being discovered as falling short and lacking some essential ingredient to being accepted, of being loved.
Now I am mostly free of that which used to hang over my every thought, word and action.

Though this fear rears its ugly head on a regular basis I am happy to report that it doesn't get to hang around quite as long as in the days gone by.

Monday night I was tired, but wanted to do a quick posting to this blog.  Usually I review before posting.  Not that night.
I take pride in being able to spell and love it when the spell check comes back with no errors. 
It would have found one glaring mistake in Monday's posting.  I found it when I read it Tuesday morning.  After a number of people had read it!  There is no 'K" in frolic!
Know the word "chagrin?"
The wording wasn't all I wanted it to be either.  I did change up one place!

Years gone by such a thing would have ruined at least one day.  No more!  After a brief groan Papa and I smiled and moved on.

Yesterday I succumbed to the urgings of a few dear ones and joined FaceBook.
It is my intention to simply use it to check in on those few dear ones; my godson for one, who lives a number of states away, and there are my grandchildren, as well as a few treasured, out-of-state friends.
That is all.
I much prefer face-to-face, but sometimes that is not possible.  So this will be a nice tool.

Yet, already I have had to battle the fear of falling short!
I have been getting quite a few friend requests, etc.  Then there is all the information that many put on their page and many who seem to communicate often throughout the day!
This will not be me!

But...what if my profile appears dull?  What if others are disappointed by my lack of response?  What if I don't "friend" someone and they are hurt??

Isn't it interesting how easily we can all into our old patterns of thought?  Mulling over all of my concerns to do with FB is where Papa found me.  When I noticed His Presence I realized that He was once again calling me to join the dance.
The dance...where I am accepted; accepted in the beloved....

All because of Jesus.

"The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ" is favor that was not merited.
"The love of God" is what motivated the grace.
Grace and love are woven through the fellowship.

Reading in John I was moved by the prayer that Jesus prayed for all who would believe in Him.  The prayer reflects all He desires for us.  He wants to share all He is with us, individually and collectively, as His body.  He may have actually prayed that prayer two thousand years ago, but it is still the desire of His Heart.
That is found in the seventeenth chapter.  The following chapter, on the heals of Jesus pouring out His pray for us before the Father, He is arrested. 
After mockings and scourgings, He was sentenced to death though innocent of any charge.
When He was praying for us, He knew what awaited Him.  He knew that His death would be the only way that His prayer could be answered.

Of course, the story doesn't end with His death...
Death could not hold Him and His resurrection is what validates our faith. 
His resurrection is what causes the Godhead to celebrate.
And His resurreciton is what gives us access to the circle dance!!


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