Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Priceless Nuggets

Papa has nuggets of truth just waiting to be discovered.  They are found, of course, in His Word, but are not limited to just this source.  We can discover them just about anywhere if we but approach with an open heart.

Today was a day of some very precious discoveries.

Opening the Bible this morning I found a few in the first chapter of the Gospel of John,
As I read I made a list of the words that were used to describe my Savior:

Reveals the Father
Explains the Father
Son of God
Lamb of God

What about Him, according to this list, would not draw us to Him?

Oh!  How beautiful Jesus is!

And this Beautiful One is the Lamb of God, who took away my sins!  The Son of God is my Friend and Companion, who has poured life, light, glory, grace, truth into my life and showed me the Father!

These treasures are a garland of nuggets that are of immeasurable value with which He graces each of His children!

All this I received by reading His Word for a few minutes!

He had something else waiting for me, so I am very glad that I continued to read,
“Jesus looked at him, and said, “You are Simon the son of John; you shall be call Cephas” (which translated means Peter.*
He gave Simon a new name, which Simon had no problem accepting.  Not once do you find him forgetting that he was Peter.  It was his new identity and he embraced it!

Papa reminded me that He has a new name for me, according to Revelation Two, verse Seventeen.  A name, written on a stone, which I will receive when I see Him, but I believe I catch a whisper of it of now and again!  I catch the glint of this nugget in the light of His love!

Today I had the opportunity to meet a friend for a light breakfast and some deep conversation.

She has some very serious health issues and it was my desire to be Papa’s instrument of encouragement.  I do hope that proved true.  I do know that I left encouraged, because as I spoke of His love and faithfulness my heart was lifted.

I was reminded of all He has done in my life.  The nugget of joy glittered within my heart.

A treasure awaited me in a very unlikely place.  I am listening to a book on CD.  It is “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

The book was written in nineteen fifty-seven, but is very applicable to the world we live in right now.

As I have been listening, the struggle of the main characters is emphasized by the fact that they need to deal with it on their own.  There is no hope of Someone greater than them to turn to.  They are it.
It is by shear power of their own wills that they stand.  At great cost.

Though I can draw many parallels to today’s world with their world and though I know many that are frightened by what is happening now I have peace.  The peace that comes from my God, who promises to never leave me nor forsake me. 
This confidence and the confidence that I know my God will prevail is a priceless nugget that causes my heart to rejoice!

Tell me what nuggets have you discovered from our God lately?

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