Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Feast!

There are over four thousand trees populating the Blithewold  Arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Ray and I stood with our backs to the Narragansett Bay taking in the beauty that lay before us.

We could identify only a handful of the trees we saw and that with some help from our sons.  These varieties included oaks and magnolias, beeches, weeping pagodas, yews, junipers, ginkgoes, redwoods, hemlocks and even a giant sequoia!  There are over four hundred varieties of trees in all.

At one point I walked beneath the shelter of one tree after another and was overwhelmed with the intricate beauty of each one.  This stirred my heart to praise the Master Designer of these majestic trees!
I could not get enough of this bit of His creation.  It truly was a feast for my eyes and my soul!

The feast was not limited to the trees alone, but extended to include the people who surrounded us.

We were there for the New England chapter of arborists' annual tree climbing competition.  Both Matthew and Timothy were participating, so where else would you find their mom and dad?!

Never have I witnessed such camaraderie and excellent sportsmanship.

Though all were competing, it did not mean that they could not give one another tips, nor cheer each other on.  As one after another took their turn at the different events, it was not unusual to hear those on the ground shouting up reminders and direction that helped the climber do his or her best.

Many families were there to support their loved ones and everybody was a loved one!  The children that were present received a wonderful gift: positive examples that will stay with them for a long time!

I am so grateful that our sons are part of such a community.  To see our youngest so healthful and alive, loving what he is doing, with such strong support and great role models, does this mother’s heart much good!

How gracious Papa is to his children!  How faithful He is to keep His promises!  I am amazed over and over by His great love.

Trees always look to me as if they are reaching in praise to their Creator.
I love a verse that is found in the Fifty-fifth chapter of Isaiah, the Thirteenth verse. 
“For you will go out with joy, and be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”
The feast that Papa offers us is one of joy and peace; as I have the privilege of taking part in such a feast, by the grace of my wonderful Savior, I find it impossible to do less than join in applause to my great God!

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