Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Scout

While growing up one of my favorite TV genres was the western.
My favorite characters were the rugged men of the old west.  The ones who had explored the land and knew it well.  

The frontier scouts.

They were the ones who were equipped to be in charge of a group of travelers to see them safely through to their destination.
I recall two basic story lines.

The first found the scout leading a wagon train, becoming aware of imminent danger and then demonstrating his knowledge and skill to save the day.  In this scenario those he was leading put their trust in him and benefited for doing so.
The second story followed a similar line, but with a twist.  There were those who disregarded his advice and did not put their trust in him.  Many paid with their lives.  Others came to their senses in the nick of time and the scout stepped in and thus all road away into the sunset.

Do I see a spiritual lesson here?
Papa thinks so.

What I am hearing from Him is that He is the Scout who leads me.  He knows the terrain and the dangers that it holds; He also knows how to deal with all of it.
Just like the scout of old He is with me and makes His knowledge and ability, which happens to be unlimited(!), available to me.
Will I be one who is safe in His care or one who jeopardizes her life through lack of trust and possibly loses that life?

What does trust look like?
Well, it is tied into obedience
If I am choosing to trust my God then I will step out wherever He leads.  Every time I do He shows up in Power!

Today I had a commitment to help with an outreach in the nearby city.  My role was to be in the prayer tent and be available to pray with anyone who entered.
If I could have I would have stayed home.  Still feeling tired and very drained I did not feel that I had anything to give.  However, I had made a promise because I felt that Papa would have me there, so off I went.

It was good.  A joy actually.
One of the other volunteers in the tent was a new face and it was lovely to get to know her.  Her faith was fresh and an encouragement to my heart.
She was not the only one that touched my heart.

Men, women and children came in for prayer.  Some of their circumstances were very difficult, yet all demonstrated faith in the power of prayer.  Some because they know the One to whom we were praying. 

A young boy came by himself and asked for prayer, as he was struggling with grief over having lost his dear aunt.  Later, with eyes shining, he brought two friends in for prayer.

Mothers and grandmothers came with their broods seeking God's blessing as their young ones begin their school year.  
One mother shared how her husband works seven days a week and she five to make ends meet, yet it isn't enough to meet the needs of their family.  She spoke of her struggle to not give in to fear.  After prayer her face shone with confidence that she could trust in her God completely.

A man sat with us for a while and spoke of the joy of a thirty year marriage.

A wonderful pastor joined us on and off in the tent.  He was overseeing a number of details, but wanted to be available to pray with the people.  Many knew him and would shout a hello or hurry to speak a word with him.
At one point there was a lull and he was able to sit quietly for a moment after having been pulled in many directions.  His words blessed my heart,
"You know, I don't need any rewards when I get to heaven, I am getting plenty down here.  How I love what I get to do!"
He also spoke of the privilege of being in the same place, this particular place, for so many years.

I left that tent fuller than I had been when I entered.

Papa had scouted ahead and knew that it was the path He had for me for this day.  As usual, one of blessing.

I could have stayed home and been me focused.  Not only would I have saddened the heart of my God, but I would have missed so much blessing!

I am so grateful that I have the Scout leading my little ole wagon who has all knowledge and ability.  By His grace I plan to let Him do all the scouting and leading for me!

By the way, I am glad one (not so) anonymous person likes the new look of this blog!

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  1. Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your experiences today at the Back to School uniform event. From your writing I get how filled up you became with
    the Presence of God in that tent. I notice how quickly you posted after the event even with your busy life. Too often after 'experiencing God' & I try to recall those feelings & happenings much later & some are lost. Thanks for posting promptly.