Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me and My Thoughts Bouncing off the Walls

There has been no hitting the ground running for these feet! Even if I had wanted to it wasn't going to happen. I've been grounded! But I have so much to say and so much to do!! Sure I figured a couple of days to reacclimate, but. . .Now this intestinal thing?! What are you thinking LORD?!

"Oh, you'd like to know what I AM thinking? Happy to oblige."

"Where's your heart? Is it fixed on Me? Is it filled with Me?
What is that trying to take up residence in the corner over there?
Ah, it's 'good works' - your 'mission' - your 'calling'!"

"It's time for a reminder."

"It's all about our relationship. From this will flow the Living Water. It will pour out of you and envelope all in its path! Don't settle for a trickle! Don't settle for what you can do in your own strength. Be amazed by My Power."

"Wait on Me. It will come. Wait. Rest. I will come. I will fill you. You will overflow."

"It is not about how strong you are, but how Powerful I AM in your life. I have overcome."

This is the message I have been getting day after day. From many sources His voice has been loud and clear.

Yesterday I was to read Leviticus chapters 7 & 8 and it did not excite me. I asked the LORD to speak to me through it, as I knew He could. It is the Living Word, His Living Word.

First He showed me that He provides for His servants. Then He spoke to me about what is involved to be a priest.
They had to be washed, blood was involved and then they were clothed.
The priesthood depended upon relationship, to Aaron in the O. T. times.
I was reminded that 1 Peter 2:9 tells us that because of our relationship with Christ we are a royal priesthood.
We have been washed (white as snow!) through the shed blood of Jesus and now we are robed (in God's view) in white!
Priests are set apart (consecrated). For what purpose? For His pleasure!
He takes pleasure in our relationship with Him.
There you have it.

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