Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prayer Warrior?

It seems that we Christians have cultivated our own language.

On occasion I wonder where some of the terms ever were originated.
Certainly not from Scripture.

Often our lingo causes non-Christians to feel truly like outsiders.
Certainly not the way to make them feel they would be welcome in Papa's Kingdom.

To be honest,  many of the phrases do not sit well with me....
Some are used to define an individual's spirituality.  Labels of sorts.

I am not fond of labels. 
They seem to attempt to define us.
And, at times, to elevate us, set us apart from everyone else.

Many of our labels are meant to be praise, but this just makes me more uncomfortable.

Here is one that has been coming to my attention quite a bit.

"You are such a prayer warrior!"

I hear that one a lot.

First, where did that term come from?
Secondly, what does one have to do to qualify?
Thirdly, how does anyone else know whether we really fit the bill or not?

Do I pray?
Of course.

How much do I pray?
I have no idea.

Prayer for me is an ongoing conversation with my Papa.
Scripture does say,
"Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17
If I tell you I will pray, I make every attempt to do so. 
However, I most often will simply pray with you right on the spot. 
Then, if the Holy Spirit brings the concern to mind later, I will pray some more.

For years I had lists upon lists of prayer concerns.  Actually, I still do have a few,  but (and that is a big but) I mostly rely on the Spirit to guide my prayers.  There are just too many requests and concerns, but He knows what needs to be focused on.  In the spiritual realm prayer is used to do battle, so I want to aim my weapon accurately.

So does this make me a prayer warrior.
No, just a Christian who takes to heart the power and need for prayer.
One who also happens to enjoy talking with her Papa!

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