Sunday, June 30, 2013

Optional Laws?

The subject of the law has been coming to mind frequently as of late.

I am deeply grateful that we, as Christians, are under grace, not the law.  
We are set free from sin and death, which was a result of not being able to keep the law. 
Praise Jesus!

However, the consequences of not keep the law are still in operation and there is evidence of this all around us for the present. 
We are a broken people in a broken world. 
That is just how it is.

 Being imperfect creatures we make mistakes, get careless; like me on my back porch stairs.

I knew they were slippery.  Actually, I was preparing to scrub them thoroughly, as all the dampness we have been experiencing had caused mold to begin to grow on them.  We were having company the following day and I didn’t want anyone falling.

You would have thought that I would have been extra careful, but it was one of those moments when Debbie was in her head making a list of all the things she needed to do.

Before I could clean those stairs I needed to trim some of the wisteria back that had started to encroach on the stairs.  That is when I was reminded of a few laws of physics.
 Friction and gravity.

My feet had no traction and as I slipped I, of course, headed down the stairs.  Feet first, thank God!
I landed hard on the seat of my pants (capris in this case) and on my elbow.

The consequence is that I feel like I have been riding a horse hard for a long distance and had gripped the reigns very tightly the whole way.  My elbow is very sore, but I am so very grateful that I didn’t break anything.  Thank You, Papa!

Now these consequences will pass. 
Hopefully, I will have learned my lesson and respect the laws that Papa put into operation at the beginning of time. 
They are not optional laws!

Speaking of optional laws I have been wondering whether they have changed the rules of the road without informing me.
Twice this past week I came close to being involved in serious accidents.
In both cases I was approaching a light that had turned green and right before I entered the intersection cross traffic drove through and not at a slow speed!

The first included a box truck and two pick up trucks that came through as if they had the green light. 
Last I knew when one has a green light the cross traffic has red!
I followed those vehicles imagining that they were all together and on some sort of mission. 
Well, each one turned onto a different road so I ceased tailing them.

Two days later it was a tractor trailer that ignored his light.

If I had been a second sooner in my travels I would have experienced the consequences of one of those drivers actions.
I would like to remind those drivers that the rules of the road are not optional anymore than the law of physics!

Oh yes, we all break one law or another. 
This brings to mind what Paul wrote in the beginning of the Seventh chapter of Romans, the Twenty-fifth verse.
“Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our LORD!

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