Friday, February 22, 2013

In The Moment

For quite a long time now Papa has been speaking to me about being in the moment
I have a tendency, a strong tendency, to not be all there.
Okay, those of you who have spent any time up close and personal with me are nodding with a look of knowing.  You know I haven't been all there for years, but that is not what I am talking about.....

There are a multitude of things on my plate. 
Things and people.

Things to do...
People to see...

So no matter what I am doing, it hasn't been unusual for me to often give less than my full attention to it.
One thing triggers thoughts of something else and off I go!

However, I have taken my Loving Father's promptings to heart and thus tried to reign in my thoughts.
Not so successfully!

At least, not until I realized something.
I was focused on staying focused and not on the moment.

He wants us to savor the moments that fill our lives, not just get through them.

In C. S. Lewis' book "The Screwtape Letters" a subject of the demons' attention did not fall for the ploys of the assigned demon because he had learned to enjoy the simple things of life.  If the demon had thought to get him to see the everyday pleasures as duties or obligations then he would have succeeded in his mission.

It seems to me that we must guard our hearts and minds from much of the static of this world.
It gets in the way of the simple things of this life. 
The noise of the world wants to fill our every moment and cause us to be dissatisfied.
When we are dissatisfied we are focusing on what we do not have and not what we do have.
The things of value.

A walk in the crisp, fresh air.
The aroma of coffee brewing.
A sweet kitty curled up in an adorable pose.
The quiet of a new morning.
A good book.
The smile of a loved one.
The joy of belonging.
A Word or touch from our Heavenly Father.
A surprise visit from one's child.

Oh, I could go on...

Human nature causes many to bemoan the passing of a sweet moment.
Instead Papa would have us savor it and recognize that it is a glimpse of God with us.

The joys and pleasures of this life are interrupted with pain and sorrow, but it is not how our Father intended it to be.  They were to be the norm.
The great joy is that one day they will be!

There are treasures to be discovered and taken in, as we would breathe in the scent of a fragrant flower.
Treasures which are reminders from Papa of His love and all the promises of His Kingdom to come.

How gracious and generous our God is!

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