Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great is His Faithfulness!

While traveling to West Virginia with my honey I received a long-awaited phone call to my cell phone.  The call was the culmination of twelve months of communication, which had caused me much frustration and stress.

I know I have mentioned here the battle with my husband's employer regarding charges for benefits.  Each of the past twelve months brought us a bill of differing amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to four thousand dollars over the basic charges.  I paid the true balance while continuing to petition them to address the problem. Their system was awry, but they seemed unable or unwilling to correct it.

Two months ago they decided to discontinue our medical insurance for nonpayment.  It came down to the wire, but they finally relented.

Last week I finally got them to give me a breakdown of the amount they purported we owed.  I then did my own research and discovered the error which had triggered this ongoing problem.
They were not convinced.

Meanwhile, Papa and I have been wrestling with the whole issue of trust.  Each time I received a bill or call that was upsetting, I would allow it to do just that-upset me.  Then I would bring it to my LORD and "turn it over" to Him.
Just to take it back for the next round.

Last week Papa paved the way for me to hand it all to Him beforehand.  With opportunity for some sweet time at His feet I was in the correct posture and found it easy to leave it all to Him.
So as I entered into the battle afresh, it was from a position of rest.

The result came with the call.  The woman informed me that they had discovered that "You are right."  Three very lovely words to my ears!
Three words that came, I believe, because my God is able.  I just needed to get out of the way.

Previously I had seemed to give the problem to Him, but really was just asking for His stamp of approval for me handling it in my flesh with a thin veneer of Christianity over it (I treated all with kindness, even while seething inside!).

Life brings its challenges on a regular basis.  With each one comes the opportunity to learn more fully how faithful our God is to us.

Recently I had been wondering just how much effect my prayers have on all the details and people that fill my life.

True prayer is where we listen to His Spirit's leading and our heart joins His in agreement.
That happened with the above issue.  I listened and recognized that He was poised to move in hearts for me.

This past week I have had many evidences of answered prayer.  Papa has revealed these to me without me asking, because He knew my heart had been wondering.

Every year, as many of you know, I sit with my Jesus and claim Scriptures to pray for each of my children for the given year.  As I was praying through the selection for our Tim the other day I came across one note alongside a number of claimed verses.
It said "To be a man of integrity".
My heart leaped!

Last Saturday when Timothy spoke at the men's barbecue he opened with an explanation of why he was standing before them to speak on that particular day.  He said that he had agreed to do so and though many, very attractive invitations had come since his accepting, he chose to keep his word because he chooses to be "a man of integrity."

As I realized that my son had claimed for himself that which I had prayed for him, I felt the pleasure of my God and we both rejoiced!

I could list many more evidences that I became aware of just this week, but I want to end soon and go join my West Virginia son for brunch!

One passage that I have claimed for myself seems appropriate to use to close my thoughts.  It is found in the Sixty-Sixth Psalm,
"Come and hear, all who fear God, and I will tell of what He has done for my soul.  I cried to Him with my mouth, and He was extolled with my tongue.  If I regarded wickedness in my heart, the LORD would not hear; but certainly God has heard; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.  Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer, not His loving kindness from me."
Know why He hears my prayers?  Because His Son, Jesus Christ, paid the price for all the wickedness that ever could fill my heart and has made the way into the Holy of Holies where my prayers are not only heard, but answered!

It is my joy to proclaim the Good News of such a faithful God!

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