Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet Memories

Books and music have always played a very prominent role in my life. 
To one degree or another I purposely passed this on to my sons.

Music was interwoven through my childhood.  It is, of itself, one of the highlights. 
Books share the spot light of those times.

My childhood home was usually filled with music.  Both parents had a great appreciation for it.  So much so that they co-hosted a radio program where they played a variety of music, which they always introduced with a little insight offered into its composer, performer or story.

How grateful I am that the reality of how their prerecorded programs preparation affected my sisters and myself did not cast a shadow on  music itself.

I, with many others, have found music to be a vehicle to tapping into and expressing emotions.  Books have been both a place to escape and one that offered me a glimpse into others’ lives and worlds.

As a child I was drawn to books and this was without the encouragement or modeling of such. I always had one in hand or close by.

Some things do not change.

Music is still a vehicle to tap into and express my emotions and often to do so before my God.

For each of my sons music is something they treasure and enjoy having fill their days.  When they were children we explored quite a variety of music genres together.  It was rare to find us without music playing.

Even before they were able to hold a book they were surrounded by them. 
As very little ones, they went from clumsily opening their cardboard book to drool over its pictures (literally) to dragging them to me to “read” to them and on and on until they were ready to sit and listen to a story.
To this day they love when I read to them.

We have covered quite a variety of books over the years.  Each one its own grand adventure, which were used to build some wonderful shared memories!

The other day I was sitting at the drive-up teller’s window of a local bank where I was afforded a view that brought back a sweet memory of the joy of sharing books with my boys.

Next to the bank a car dealership is being built.  One this particular day many machines dotted the landscape.  Each machine was part of the crew that was tackling the mountain of dirt and rock that had been piled up as excavating had been done.
There was a rock crusher and a front end loader, as well as the customary dump truck and digger.  How I love to watch them at work!

And as I watched I thought how children enjoyed such scenes.  I know my boys always did.
That is probably why they loved one particular book so much, especially when they were still pretty young.

The book was filled with pictures of all kinds of trucks and machines and as I read their names I was also expected to make their corresponding noise.  Oh, how the boys would laugh!  Their favorite was the rock crusher.

So as I sat there watching I was flooded with the joy of those times.  Driving away I thanked my Papa for such wonderful memories and the privilege of having such.

My heart was full and totally content.  I was overwhelmed with God’s grace and goodness.

Heading up the road I came, just then, to a place where the trees cleared and the clear, blue of the sky filled my view.  There, in the full of day, the moon was smiling down at me.
It seemed that the old man in the moon was as happy and content as I!

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