Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dream House

Many of us have a picture in our head of our ideal home.
I had one such picture in mind for quite a long time.

In 1987 Ray and I were house hunting.  We visited quite a few in our quest.
On one particular day we were shown two homes.
One of which was the house that fit the description of my dream house.
The other was the one that we ended up buying.

The dream house was a big, old Victorian with a wraparound porch...
Plus a back porch and a mud room...
A walk-in pantry that had its own sink and counters...
Original wood floors and molding...
A stairway that had a window half way up where it turned ninety degrees...
An upstairs hallway that could be a room itself...
With a porch...
Large, beautiful windows...
A lovely garden that enveloped a path...
A grape arbor...
I could go on, but I am sure that you get the idea-I loved it!

Though Ray could not identify the heating system he would have agreed to buy it if I had asked.
I nearly did, but had a check it my spirit.

Then we saw the second house.
A small nondescript ranch.
With a great backyard!
As we walked through the house Papa gave me a vision of the boys playing in the yard and all of us living it that little house.  It was such a strong impression that it overrode the one that had been in residence for so long.
It was the house that He had for us; it fit into His plan for this family.

Fifteen years ago we moved from that little ranch into another house that was also far from a Victorian.  Yet, the right one for us, once again.

I have been content and have never regretted not having that dream house.

However, for a while now that old dream has been revived with a slight variation....
The house is not for me and my family.

I dream of having a place where so many of the broken people that Papa brings across my path can go to heal and feel safe.
A place where they can learn how to live.
A place where they can meet the One who is Life.

Yes, a place that they can call home...
Where they can learn what the word home is meant to be.

Today I spoke with one of the precious girls I have been working with.
She completed the rehab program a number of months ago  The latest in a long line of rehabs.
Thus far she has held onto her sobriety, which is a record.

I believe that she is holding on by a slim thread.
A thread that can easily be cut and most likely by her.

It is beginning to unravel.
She thinks she is pregnant, which is causing much stress.

My dear friend's parents both died from overdoses when she was very young.
She lives with her aunt and uncle.  There is a whole lot of dysfunction in that home and a pregnancy would certainly add to the imbalance.

Another young girl, is still in the rehab  At least I hope she is.
She and one of the guys, who had come back for some outpatient care were caught in a major lip lock.

These two young women, as well as the young man are typical examples of those new to recovery.
They have never learned how to have a relationship, as they were too busy using others to get what they needed - their drug of choice.

There is not a one who would not benefit from some mentoring and guidance in basic life skills.
Very few, if any have had healthy role models.
They need the time and place to heal and learn of their own value and the value of others.

I imagine a place where those who the LORD calls can offer what they have been given - a  chance for real wholeness!  A place where all these dear ones will have the opportunity to exchange the burden of brokenness for the yoke of Jesus.
A place where they are able to hear Him call...
"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest!"

So Papa the dream is alive.  Do what you will with it.

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