Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joy of Forbearance

Spending time this morning in the book of Philippians, specifically the Fourth chapter, verses four through nine has stirred a few thoughts.  I am challenged and encouraged.

One of my sons is in a whole lot of emotional pain right now.  Thus he is constantly on my heart and in my thoughts.

My first inclination is to try to make things better for him, but then I realize that I do not know what that would look like.

Well, yes I do.  Papa’s Presence is what is best for him and me and each one of us.

My son has told me that he never remembers being in so much pain before, yet he also knows that it is a rich time of growth; a time of growing intimacy with our Savior.

So here I am at verse four.
“Rejoice in the LORD always, again I will say, rejoice!”
I am able to rejoice always because I know that He is faithful and that He is all I and my son and, again, each one of us need.

By keeping focused on the Beautiful One we can stick it out and that attitude will stand out.

That is what we read in verse five.

“Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men.  The LORD is near.
See it isn’t all about us, but it is all about Him.  It is all about lifting Him up and all men being drawn to Him.  They need to learn that He is, indeed, near!

When we have a part in that, OH! what joy and blessing!!

I might just continue this thought tomorrow, if Papa allows!

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  1. So very true -- I read yesterday that pain and grief expand the soul, and in that expansion God becomes so much bigger to us and more real. Praying for all of that in this situation! Love to you! -Vanessa