Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reminders of His Love

If you were to leaf through my personal Bible, you would find a number of dates scattered on the margin of its pages.  They are alongside particular verses which Papa brought to my attention on that day.
Some are speaking to an issue within my heart and some are promises that He has given me regarding my loved ones.

It is a joy to come across them again, as I read that particular section of Scripture.
When I do, I am freshly encouraged.

Because I am reminded of His love for me and mine.
The fact that He speaks to my heart and gives me Words to hold onto and live by is ongoing evidence of His love.
He may have poured out His love on that Cross, but He did not exhaust its supply!

When I do encounter them, it is always timely.
A reminder of what He has promised....
And, not infrequently, evidence that He keeps His promises to me!

Reminders can be good.
In His Hands they are good.

He has always encouraged His children to remember what He has done and what He promises.

In the Old Testament He told His people to set up memorials of when He met them in a special way.  He also instructed them to institute celebrations at defined times.
The Passover and Purim are two examples.

In the New Testament Jesus instructed His disciples to remember, on a regular basis, His sacrifice of His body and blood for us.  It is known as Communion and/or The LORD's supper.
My church does so the first Sunday of the month, which means we celebrated The LORD's Supper today.

No matter which we might be celebrating, the focus should be on our God and  it should be a time of humble gratitude.

Today we had a guest speaker.  The man is ninety years young and I do mean young!
To be honest I was not excited about the prospect of someone so old speaking.  I have had plenty of experiences listening to someone ramble, lose their place and seem to go on for ever.
Well, Papa had a wonderful surprise for me!

The message was from the Fortieth chapter of Isaiah, the Thirty-First verse.
It is now dated in my Bible!

I have been experiencing some challenges health-wise and was greatly encouraged by the words this man shared with us.  His life is a testimony of God's faithfulness!

"But those who wait upon the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings li,e eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."

I was reminded that waiting upon the LORD is a quiet, but active position.
Resting in Him, yet poised to hear from Him and in a position to soar, run and walk at His bidding, in His timing and strength!

That is an example of my Gracious God speaking to a need within my heart.
Here's one regarding my loved ones:
"For I will pour out water on the thirsty land; and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants; and they will spring up among the grass like poplars by streams of water.  This one will say, 'I am the LORD's' and that one will call on the name of Jacob; and another will write on his hand, 'Belonging to the LORD'. and will name Israel's name with honor."
This passage has two dates, as He had originally given it to me on the First of October in the year Two Thousand and Five!

The reminders of His love are everywhere...

Look to the Cross!
Look into His Word!
Or by simply looking to the evidence that surrounds us every day through so many ways!

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