Saturday, January 23, 2016


I love the sound of this word!
It sounds like what it means....
A fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise.

Who doesn't enjoy serendipitous happenings?
They are always lovely, so what's not to enjoy?

Such happenings come in an infinite number of ways.

Maybe you check your mail and find an unexpected note or letter sent simply because someone was thinking of you. Of course, a text or email can bring the same welcome message, but for me part of the blessing is in knowing someone took the extra time to choose the card or stationery, write their message, address the envelope and then get it into the mail.  The extra time taken says I am especially valued.

How about...Discovering the just right gift for someone or spotting an item that will perfectly fill that spot in that particular room that needed a little something...of course, what makes it serendipitous is that we weren't even looking for it and it's marked down too!

Then there is the free time that is suddenly opened to us! The time to breathe deeply and take in the beauty around us. Beauty that often goes unnoticed.....

The quiet moments when we can hear the whisper of God.

I believe there are many more of these pleasant surprises that we can enjoy if we but choose to be watching for them.
Our lives are full and many voices vie for our attention, yet, if we learn to still ourselves we will find treasures that are much more worth our time than many of the extraneous things of the world.
Slow in the moment...don't miss those gifts!
Every single one of them is Papa telling us He is especially fond of us!

It is my desire to follow the Spirit's promptings throughout my every day. When I do I enjoy quite a few pleasant surprises....

Just the other day I needed to pick up something I ordered at a store. I do not enjoy shopping so I had ordered the item on line, but to save shipping, I opted to pick it up. It was not my intention to do
anything but that, however, I felt prompted to go the circuitous route through the store.
I like daily calendars and missed having one with Bible verses on it. You see I save the pages once they are torn off and use them to collect prayer requests from my dear friends at the rehab where I volunteer.  It is not unusual for a particular verse to fall into the hands of someone who needs just those words.
The serendipity was in finding just such a calendar on the clearance rack! It was a gift from Papa! He loves those dear broken people and knows who will need to receive what and when!

That's not all! Upon getting home I began to remove the calendar pages that were past date with no plan to sit and read each verse...I read plenty of Scripture and like to read when I can reflect upon what I'm reading.
Well....I found myself reading verse after verse until I came to January 10th, which was my birthday.
As I read what I found on that page I knew it was from my beloved Lord, who is so tender in His
"Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and
you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:29

What was it about that verse that captured my attention so fully?  Simply that those were the words that captured my heart so many years ago. Finding them on that page, on that special date I sensed the loving Presence of the One I had fallen in love with so deeply. His reminder to me of how He treasures me and my love for Him.

Now that is one beautiful serendipity!

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