Saturday, April 12, 2014

Musings from Israel

The hotel has been teaming with life since shortly before Sabbat began. It appears that many people take their families here for the Sabbath.
It is not uncommon to hear young voices calling down the hallways followed by matching running feet.
Sabbat is a joyful time for the families.
Right now the lobby is filled with families; children singing and playing, adults playing cards and chatting, very lively I might add!

Today is low key for our group. We enjoyed a Sabbat celebration with a Messianic congregation followed by lunch in an Armenian restaurant.
The man at the restaurant knew he had a captured audience, as all other places were shut for Sabbat.
Unfortunately he took advantage of us by overcharging us, as well as reneging regarding the use of credit cards. I felt badly for Amal, our leader, who handled the whole thing.
After we left there the instruction of Jesus to His disciples regarding shaking the dust of a place that did not receive them in peace from their feet came to mind!
This did not ruin our day.
We are in Jerusalem!  What could overshadow this fact?!

Sitting here in the lobby looking out the window one sees many sights.  Those who are orthodox pass by in their black coats and hats, sporting their long sideburns. One very somber fellow passing by had what looked like a black mushroom riding on his head!  Many men have their heads covered, yet
many do not. The women range from those donning wigs and long dresses to those with their hair uncovered and slacks on instead of a dress or skirt. Even those who are not particularly religious seem to dress conservatively. Something we could benefit from in the US!

Traffic is light today. This reminds me of Sunday traffic as a child, when most stores were closed as they are here.
A day of rest and celebration!
Yet, what is it most are celebrating?
Tradition for most.

They have a long history of tradition and much of it originated with their God.  Yet, they have carried on with the traditions and left the Living God behind.
I am sure that they would argue vehemently with me over that last statement.
Oh, how I pray that their hearts would be turned from stone to flesh so they could discover their
Then they would discover what true celebration is all about!

Psalm 145:7 will come to life in a new way for them:
"Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness; they will sing with joy about your righteousness."

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  1. Hi Debbie - I'm glad you had a somewhat slower, more restful day on Saturday - since your itinerary sounds like there are action-packed days ahead of you! It's all fascinating - I'm especially interested in hearing what the "Burnt House" is - also, I saw something on TV once about those tunnels, that should really be an experience. You're having an incredible experience that you'll never forget - soak it all in! My love and prayers are with you! - Joan