Friday, April 11, 2014


Every single day of this trip has been beyond amazing! If I could, I would transport each and everyone of you here!

Upon returning to our hotel we usually head right to dinner. After that I sit in the lobby to check my email, etc. fully intending to write a post.
The problem is that I don't get time to process all that I have seen and heard, which makes it very difficult to share here.

Then there is the fatigue factor.
I began a posting yesterday and got as far as saying that it would be a short one as I was very tired. Then I realized I could not form any more coherent sentences....The camel ride did me in!

There is so much I could tell you.
I could tell you about the temple foundation where they are preparing all they can to be ready to rebuild the temple. They have the menorah and laver, as well as the altar ready.
It is their hope that they will be able to rebuild and then be used to being peace and unity to the world.
Truth be told, that is what their God had called them to from the beginning, but they failed.

The sad thing, which our guide, Sahad, pointed out is that without their Messiah, Yeshua, their is no peace and no unity.

They forget their own history.
The first temple did not bring peace or unity and neither did the second. Why would they think this one would be different?

Then there is the Wailing Wall where many repeat many rote prayers in hope that they will be heard for their many words....their right words.

I went to that wall and worshipped. And I pled for those who are blind to who their Messiah is.
Following tradition I wrote out a few prayers that weighed upon my heart  and added my paper to the many already their.  I knew my God hears me without any paper, but felt woo moved to do so.

Many back away from the wall and I had wondered about that until I was there myself.  There is something about this place in the heart of Jerusalem, which stirs reverence.  How could one present their worship and petitions and then turn their back and walk away?

Yes, I am seeing much and learning even more. It will be a while until I sort through all of it.
Truly I am on overload!

Yet, there is one thing that I am more convinced of than ever before...
Our God is Holy and ever so good and wise.

Jesus is LORD!

Come LORD Jesus they and we need You!p

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