Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reminders in the Rain

This morning, as I sat on the porch of our vacation rental watching the rain fall and feeling a bit glum, I asked Papa to help me climb out of the hole I had allowed myself to sink.
It wasn't the rain that was causing the blue mood. A number of things were weighing heavily on my heart. Nothing on the list was within my control to do anything to affect change. The only change possible was within me.

Papa knew what I needed and how to help me receive it.

My son, Matt, joined me on the porch. He, too, enjoys an intimate relationship with Papa, which enriches the relationship we enjoy with one another.
While we sat quietly, side by side enjoying the morning our thoughts I were focused on our beautiful God.
Here and there we would share what was filling our hearts and minds.
This is very natural for us.
I am always grateful for this gift.

The thought came to make a gratitude list.
So I picked up my pen and journal and began to write.

The life I have in Jesus always tops my list.
Then, of course came the gift of sitting on a porch with my beloved son enjoying Papa and what had become a rousing thunderstorm.  We both love a good storm!

The falling rain reminded me of the refreshment that I receive from my gracious Savior.
The thunder and lightening reminding me of His Power!

The falling rain spoke to me of His cleansing blood. Such grace!

Of course, His Sovereignty came to mind.
He rains on the righteous and the unrighteousness.  His blessing falls on us all, no matter our position or condition.

Another son, Tim, joined us at this point. He, too, is in an amazing relationship with Jesus.  Another reminder for my gratitude list!
A reminder that my God is the miracle-working God!!

In front of the porch is a holly bush whose leaves were all open and reaching up to drink in the life-giving rain.
Water an essential ingredient for life.

The water He gives is Living Water.
It never runs out.
For those who choose to drink of it.

Not only does this water satisfy, but it becomes a river flowing through those who drink.
As this river flows out, it begins to get others wet too!

First a little splash, here and there, and then before they know it they are wiggling their toes in it!From there it is just a matter of time until they find themselves ankle deep, then knee deep and then over their heads!

I know this to be true, so very true.
That river is flowing through those of us who sit on this porch, and we are confident that it will continue to reach further and further into many more lives!!

Yes, a gratitude list was a very good idea!
Thank You, Papa, for the rain and all it's reminders!

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